What Do Online Coaches and Entrepreneurs Need to Bring Their Products to Market?

Greetings...I'm conducting a Survey about the marketing needs of online coaches and entrepreneurs for the Masterclass Graduate Edition...I would like to  receive at least 100 responses for the survey and would appreciate online coaches and entrepreneurs participating in this short three minute multiple-choice questionnaire... I'm happy to share the results with you once I've collected the numbers needed... I really appreciate your time... Thanks!


When it comes to bringing your product to market, what are the areas you are least prepared in?

Specifically to your situation?

What are the consequences of not being prepared in these areas?

What is that lack of preparedness costing you?

What are your goals or outcomes in bringing your product to market?

How would your life look like if you accomplished these goals?

What’s the OMG dream solution for bringing your product to market?


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Do you need a complete working marketing and delivery funnel done-for-you, pronto? If so, describe your product and your needs.

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