TRUVIEW Referral Tracking System

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Increase Sales with Referral Partnerships

Sales referrals  are among the most valuable lead generating methods used by small businesses. A  sales referral takes place when an existing customer recommends your services to someone else.

You can give people more incentive to promote you if you offer a commission rate and have a way to track your referrals!

The TRUVIEW Referral Tracking System makes tracking your referrals easy...

Invite your friends to your website to sign up.  That's it!

Your Referral Tracking Process doesn't need to be Difficult or Complicated!


The way it has been...

To join in on referral partnering strategies, you have to have the income to support hiring someone to build your affiliate tracking system, or de-rail your entire operation to do all of the research and development to try to plug in another free or low-cost application.

This path leads to...

Difficulty with users needing to generate tracking links

Difficulty with remembering user names, passwords, ID's and account numbers

Too many fields for partners to fill out

Difficulty keeping accurate track of referrals

Difficulty in distributing payments

Losing potential partners

Accounting struggles and difficulty generating reports

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Until Now

When you join a partner's affiliate program, you have always had to generate your unique tracking code to include in all of the links that you share which on a low scale is pretty simple...

But, when your business operation gets larger and you are sending more emails and doing more social media, it becomes almost impossible to make sure all of your links are updated for the new offers you are promoting.

The Dawn of a New Age

Referral Tracking Made Simple so you can build your partnership team faster and launch bigger!

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Earn Money from anywhere 

Join fellow Visionary Entrepreneurs who are bringing their gifts to the world with great products programs and services...

Get inspired to discover your unique gift and share the ones you can endorse with your friends who are looking for what the ones you like are promising.

Affiliate partnerships and earning referral commissions is a great way to earn income while you are developing your product, program, service, or next big idea!

 How does the TRUVIEW Referral Tracking System Work?

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 Are you ready for 21st Century Referral Tracking?

The TruView Referral Tracking System utilizes a unique code that is inserted into the url of every website in the TRUVIEW Network...

 If you look in the url of this page, you will see a random code inserted after the domain UNIQUE CODE. 

That is your unique code for this page fetch.

 If you refresh the page, you will get a new code.

When you join a partner website in the network, pages you share with any unique code you create will be securely tracked by the TruView System so dividends can be calculated and dispursed accurately.

Your information will be stored on each site that you join. We do not have access to partner information except on this site.

Thats it. It is really that simple...

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